Communication is definitely my jam - it's the foundation of every strong relationship, after all.

Choosing and creating with a photographer is at the crossroad of being incredibly personal and intimate as well as being a financial investment. That's no small thang! So it's so, so important to me that everything you may be wondering I answer to the best of my abilities. If it's not answered below, let's talk about it.


Where are you based?

I’m just north of the suuuuuper underrated New Haven, CT!

What style do you shoot?

I’m drawn to natural lighting and a film-inspired, artistic style. I naturally gravitate towards candid and documentary-like posing, the kind that’s easy going and honest to you, your story and your energy. Black & white is included - I learned photography doing black & white film developing, so it's incredibly important to me.

What is the booking process?

Shoot me a message on the contact page, and I’ll send you a full pricing breakdown. If you feel connected to my work, I’ll send you a proposal and then we're just a signed contract and a 50% deposit away!

How many photos do you give?

I honestly don’t believe in limiting photos (I get so excited to share them), but generally it’s about 100 photos an hour. Depending on conditions it could be more or less.

Do you travel?

For sure! I am available for a certain amount of destination weddings/elopements a year, and destination adventure sessions as well. I’m a scrappy traveler and a cheap date so I don’t require too much! If you’re looking to bring me along for the ride, mention it in your contact form and I’ll send over my travel pricing guide.

When and how will I get the photos?

You’re guaranteed the photos within three weeks of your day! I deliver them in an online gallery via Pic-Time, and from the original delivery you're able to tell me what changes, if any, you want me to make. Then I update and you have a final gallery that lives forever!


Still confused?

You are more than welcome to reach out to me for anything that's on your mind - I want to make sure you feel confident and connected. And not just because of the investment. These are incredibly special moments for you, and it's important you find the right person for you, your love, and your vision...whether or not that's me!